Available as a set of 3 tubs. Red, Blue and Yellow. 240g (80g each) R23.00 ea

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Tactile Sensory Integration
Acornkids Squish n Squeeze encourages children to experience the squishy texture between their fingers and also has a wonderful fragrance. 

How to use

The jelly has a rubbery consistency in its container. A child will need a parent's assistance to remove the jelly from the tub. Let your child hold the jelly block under the warm water for one or two minutes (not under the running tap). The jelly blovk will soften and your child will be able squeeze the jelly through their fingers, resulting in a "sticky,gooey" feeling.

The squeezing will result in small chunks of jelly falling to the bottom of the bath. The longer the jelly is in the water, the softer it becomes. The squeezing of the smaller jelly chunks can result in many minutes of fun. Then the parent must whisk the water vigorously by hand to create a bathful of long lasting bubbles.

Should small residues of the jelly be left after emtying the bath water, simply wash away. This product is intended for use by parents with their child.