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A bumper colouring book packed with illustrations for children to let their imagination run away with. 

One of the biggest reasons coloring is important at this age is because it helps develop hand strength. Hand strength is important for all hand-related fine motor skills, especially handwriting. A crayon is likely one of the first writing instruments your child will hold. By practicing with crayons, your child is fine-tuning their proper pencil grip. Pencil grip is part hand strength and part practice. 

Coloring allows for both! Giving a child the opportunity to color helps stimulate the creative centers in their mind. When children have the opportunity to color, they engage their independence and self-expression. Coloring is also a great focus-building exercise. Focus is an important skill for children to learn, not only for their academic careers but for their professional careers as well. Focus is what helps us see through any task from start to finish.

Features and Benefits:

  • Helps Develop Hand-Strength
  • Offers Practice for Pencil Grip
  • Stimulates Creativity
  • Encourages Self-Expression
  • Improves Fine Motor co-ordination
  • Helps Develop Focus

Includes perforated pages

Quality White Paper Print