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Have fun with our Rainbow Glitter Glue...suitable for most arts and crafts projects. A water based glue making it quisk and easy to wash away any mess. 

Fine Motor Skills
The Glitter Glue encourages the development of fine motor skills, by involving small motions of the fingers and hands, to create their masterpieces.

Creative Play
Encourages creativity which helps stimulate imagination and encourages early learning. 

How to use:

Remove the cap and gently squeeze bottle, holding the tip close to the surface you are decorating. Handle your work with care until the glue dries. During use keep the tip clean. After use remove glue and fit the cap tightly. Not for skin and textiles. Do not wash your artwork as the glue is water soluble.

Available in 5 popular colours: Red, Blue, Green, Silver and Gold.

100ml each