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Footprints Shoe Stickers help kids tell their left from their right so they put their shoes on correctly, and do so all by themselves. 

Educational and Self Teaching
The Footprints Shoe Stickers are designed to make children feel independant, while teaching them how to put on their shoes. It creates self confidence and self sufficiency, encouraging problem-solving, while being fun and educational. 

How to use

Apply the animal face to the left shoe and the animal tail to the right shoe. Your child will be able to match the split animal images, which makes identifying left from right shoes instinctive. It requires no reading- simply matching the animal halves.

Footprints Shoe Stickers are made of moisture-proof vinyl that withstands wear and tear and is durable.They can be adhered to a variety of materials such as cloth,vinyl,leather and plastic. (Note: The sticker material does not adhere well to certain bumpy, textured shoe materials)