Available in Red, Blue and Yellow. 125g each. R44.00

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A unique fun and educational colour powder which transforms bath water into a magical colourful playground. Teaches children about colour combinations. Ideal for children with eczema.

Colour Awareness
A unique fun and educational colour powder which teaches children to experiment with colour mixing and combinations.
Teaches children to recognise primary colours and how to make secondary colours. 

How to use

Sprinkle into either a bowl of water or the bath and watch the colour change.

To create secondary colours, simply mix the following powders together in the water;
Red+Yellow = Orange (The "Nemo" Bath)
Blue + Red = Purple (The "Barney Bath)
Blue + Yellow = Green (The Shrek Bath)

When diluted, does not stain the bath or tiles and washes off easily. Should not cause skin irritations and is safe for use for pregnant moms to bath with their kids