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You have dotted your last dot. It’s a happy-sad moment. But nonetheless, the end result is beautiful. If you have purchased a Diamond-dot Painting® that is already on a block mount then you already know what you are doing with it. But what if you purchased the canvas only? Fortunately, our community of die-hard dotters has come up with creative ways to display their own completed diamond paintings. 


If you are deciding to frame your design, then it is just a matter of heading to the nearest framing shop. The trick to picking the perfect frame is to match it to the picture. Ask the shop assistant for help or take a trusted friend along. The frame will either make or break the design so choose wisely.  Tea Tray

This seems to be a popular one! Once your Diamond-dot Painting® is complete you have the choice of trimming the excess canvas away and gluing it to a tray. You may have to get a customised tea tray if your diamond painting is too big. So this usually works for anything that is smaller than a 40 x 50cm. Once you have stuck your design down, layer glass over it to protect it and keep it clean and make it usable. Check out some of the fantastic trays our dotters have put together. 

A few have used modge podge with a very thin layer over the diamond dots. But even so, we find it does take a little of the sparkle away. We personally just recommend using a rolling pin to go over it. The ones we have in our own homes have been up there for about 2 years without any sealant and its still fine.

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