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Step 1

Remove the supplies from the box and check that you have the following:An applicator pen, wax, bead tray, packets of beads and the print.  

Step 2

Double-check that you have all the packets with the colours in them to complete your design. Each packet is labelled with the packet number. Line them up to make it easier to count. Compare the packets to the colour legend.

Step 3

Identify an area you would like to begin with. Locate the packet number associated with that symbol. Pour some of the beads into the bead tray. Do not fill the tray.

Step 4

Using the applicator pen, poke the end of the pen into the wax. This will help the bead stick to the pen to be placed on the canvas.

Step 5

Pick up individual beads using the applicator pen, making sure the faceted side is facing upwards and the flat side at the bottom.

Step 6

Pull back the plastic cover away from the area you want to dot. Do not remove the whole plastic film from off the canvas. Press the diamond dot firmly into place above the correct symbol, covering the symbol area.

Step 7

Once you have completed your design, use heavy books or a rolling pin to press the diamond dots down securely. This should prevent them from popping off. 

Step 8

Should you wish to pack your completed design away, or transport it to another location, roll your diamond dot painting up so that the beads are on the outside. 

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